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Corrie Mackenzie
24 August 2007 @ 07:09 pm
There is an outside at Milliways Bar, but this doesn't even seem weird. She's dead and she arrived at a pub, so why shouldn't there be a...a...Scottish lake and forest and horses?

The main thing is that it is outside, and that's where Corrie is currently sitting. She's dressed pretty much as she arrived, even down to the bare feet. Jeans and a t-shirt, with her red hair left out.

She doesn't remember much, but she does know that being outside is really really good.
Corrie Mackenzie
12 April 2007 @ 05:24 pm

It starts with a gunshot that I never hear

running through the bush fall to the ground can't feel my legs can't get up can't breathe can't


(I can't breathe)

"Corrie, Corrie, are you all right? Corrie, talk to me, Corrie, stay with me sweetheart, stay with me please God, please Corrie...

(I can't breathe)

she's been shot elliewhere was she hit in the back what are we going to

hospital's still functioning we'll have to trust them

 look after her there's no other choice i'll get the landie no the merc's still here it's closer

abandon the car with corrie
(please don't leave me) in it ring the bell and run like hell we've got to try a

(I'm drowning)

corrie's my mate and i'm not going to dump her and run



i'm so scared

(I can't breathe)

its black dark and black i hear voices screaming bad girl
naughty girl bad girl im not imnot

leavemealoneiwant to sleep

nell who is nell i dont know nell shes a voice

slater today mrs

wheres mum

dream a little dream of people telling me the sun is shining

crying someone
is crying over and over
crying weeping why shut up please god just shut up

chatter chatter keep talking i can hear
you not gone yet

i heard kevin crying screaming yelling oh

god is he okay

there is a light im so tired but there
is a

i have to go

i don't want to yet i have to find them

like an auction going